New pricing for 2013

Jasmine: natural head for business. Awkward poses for photos.

Jasmine: natural head for business. Awkward poses for photos. Blue suede shoes to keep me out of roo poo.

The stock standard Betty Le Bonbon custom skirt is a swing skirt (slightly less full than a circle skirt), between 32-45 inches at the waist, and 24 inches in length. Occasionally we’ve received orders for larger skirts, and very occasionally we’ve received orders for smaller skirts. Sometimes folks have asked us for longer lengths … and we’ve never yet had an order for a shorter length. If you’re 5’6 or thereabouts, that 24 inches will bring your skirt to the bottom of your knee, or thereabouts.

Read on for full pricing and customisation details!

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How to … order a Betty Le Bonbon Custom Skirt!

Ali in her custom black skirt!

Ali in her custom black skirt!

I know, it should be straight forward and self explanatory, really. You want a skirt, you pay for it, you tell us your measurements.

Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy, and herein I explain the whys and hows of ordering a custom skirt with us. Everything will make sense after you read this, I promise.

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How to … make a payment plan with Betty Le Bonbon!

Ah, online shopping. No wild breezes, no dog leashes, the freedom to eschew underwear when you realise the elastic has perished in every last pair.

Ah, online shopping. No wild breezes, no dog leashes, the freedom to eschew underwear when you realise the elastic has perished in every last pair.

I’m a single mother, and have been since … well, before my child was even born. I was a single mother when I moved interstate from my family, when I did my Masters, when I was working fulltime, and when I was told my son was autistic and required copious early intervention treatments. Which is a wordy way of saying: I’m dirt poor.

And yet I still like to own nice things. It requires a delicate balance between fiscal indulgence … and fiscal responsibility. Which is why at Betty Le Bonbon, we appreciate the importance of payment plans.

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Welcome to Betty Le Bonbon: relaunched!

blbbgirl Welcome (again!) to Betty Le Bonbon: the Blog!
A year after first releasing accessories, and six months after phasing out accessories in favour of focussing on garments, I’ve finally decided it was time to start blogging. With regular, written content rather than just pretty images (coughtumblrcough).

Plus I enjoy interacting with other people, whether they’re also small businesses, other bloggers, customers, potential customers, potential friends! If you’re a blogger, a reader, a small business, a customer … we’ll be welcoming guest posts in future, so if you’ve got something to say inline with what you see here, please feel free to pitch it!

If you’ve found your way here, it’s unlikely you need an introduction to Betty Le Bonbon, but just in case you do …
Hello! I’m Jasmine, and I created Betty Le Bonbon Cheek Boutique. No, there’s no Betty here. Sorry. I guess it sounds like a misnomer. Betty Le Bonbon was originally my burlesque performance name and I liked it enough to carry it through to my business.

At Betty Le Bonbon, we’ve spent the last six months creating custom swing and circle

Hello! I'm Jasmine, and I really like polka dots!

Hello! I’m Jasmine, and I really like polka dots!

skirts in a variety of beautiful, kitschy, cute and colourful fabrics. We’ve done our best to provide a range of sizes, and a range of fabrics to suit everyone. We have created a range of basic cotton sateen circle skirts that we intend to regularly restock in different colours and sizes – and when it comes to sizing, we pride ourselves on being willing to create a genuinely large range of plus sizes, not just stopping at 2XL. If your size isn’t available in the shop, simply contact us and we’ll see what we can do about getting your size in.

And before I start promoting the business end of things too heavily, let me just say upfront that this blog will not just be an extension of our advertising and marketing campaigns! While naturally we’ll keep you up to date on Betty Le Bonbon sales, new products and plans at HQ, I also hope to regularly provide outfit shots of myself and other customers so you can see how we’re styling our clothes – and clothes by other brands. There will be spotlights on other small businesses, interviews with our favourite pinup styling bloggers, blog roundups, tutorials for hair and makeup, and general reflections on pinup and vintage styling.

REALLY like polka dots.

REALLY like polka dots.

I like to think of myself and the Betty Le Bonbon team as being fairly approachable, so please feel free to comment with your thoughts or even input on what you’d like to see here (or volunteer for one of our style interviews or to guest blog or just to let me know you have a business I should check out!), and if you’re shy you’re welcome to simply email and say hello! Bettylebonbon @!

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Just a fraction …

Just a fraction ...

… of the many, many custom skirts we have created and sent around the world!

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Gil Elvgren: Meet What Katie Did

Gil Elvgren: Meet What Katie Did

For the most part I’m happy to work with my own style, but every now and then it’s fun to take inspiration from the classics. This image by Gil Elvgren could quite easily be reproduced with a shopping trip to What Katie Did (click the image to visit the What Katie Did online store).

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2013-01-20 22.34.45This was part two of how I celebrated my 31st birthday this year (part one being piles of baked goods from Mr Nice Guy’s and dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant with Nat).

Shared birthday with my dear friend Robby, hosted at our friend Lana’s house. Lana went to the effort of making a cake for each of us (strawberries and cream, and peanut butter chocolate). Not pictured: several jugs of sangria and the spread of Mexican food Lana cooked up for us!

Dress is the Netti in cat print from Pinup Girl Clothing.

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Welcome to Betty Le Bonbon!

Betty Le Bonbon

Welcome to Betty Le Bonbon’s Cheek Boutique!

Established in 2012 and headed by Jasmine, Betty Le Bonbon is all about sweet and flirty vintage silhouettes for bold and modern ladies!

Our aim is to create beautiful, flattering and quality garments suitable for wearing every day. Why pay $300 for a dress you may only wear once or twice a year, when you can pay under $150 for a dress that will make every day feel like a special occasion?

Our garments are designed to flatter women of all shapes, sizes and ages, with a particular emphasis on catering for women with curvier bodies! To this end, we’ve worked with a focus group of women who have helped us to create just the sort of dresses you feel both comfortable and beautiful in!

Helping women from all walks of life is important to us – while clothes aren’t the be all, end all of anyone’s life, we still firmly believe in the power of a beautiful dress to transform your day from average to awesome! For this reason we strive to set prices affordable to everyone, and to provide a large size range. We offer payment plans to those who need them, and if your size is not represented, we welcome your feedback and invite you to register your interest in expanding our range. Our size range is based on customer feedback and demand, not an arbitrarily set number.

We believe in beauty and self-respect at all shapes, sizes and ages, and as such we strive to

Katie in her red cotton sateen circle skirt, proceeds of which went towards Autism Awareness Australia.

Katie in her red cotton sateen circle skirt, proceeds of which went towards Autism Awareness Australia.

use a variety of different sized ‘models’. Further to this, our ‘models’ are actually our customers, friends and fellow bloggers, many of whom have volunteered to provide us with photographs of themselves wearing our garments. If you are ever unsure of the fit or quality of our products, we encourage you to approach these ladies and ask for their honest opinion.

At Betty Le Bonbon we love our customers, and we know we’d be nothing without your support! Our continued success depends on our customers being happy with their purchases and telling their friends about us. To that end, we’re happy to offer you a small reward for helping us to grow as a business. If we notice you returning to shop with Betty Le Bonbon over and over again, and continually spreading the word about us by sharing photos and reviews of your purchases on Facebook or other social media platforms, we’ll eventually approach you with an offer of a VIP discount code for your personal use on all future transactions. Thanks for being a fan!

The Betty Le Bonbon community means the world to us. Feel free to connect by reading our blog (you’re here!), joining our Facebook page, following us on Tumblr and Twitter, or simply by emailing us at

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